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Amanda Serrano is “The Real Deal”

Amanda Serrano is “The Real Deal”

5 division Champion Amanda Serrano

5 division Champion Amanda Serrano

Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano is one of the most prized possessions in Women’s Boxing. She’s the only women’s boxer in the world to win World Championship titles in 5 different divisions.  She’s also the only Puerto Rican boxer to win titles in 5 different weight classes, making her the most accomplished boxer in Puerto Rican history.

Her knockout prowess is one of the most impressive among female boxers, especially considering she competed in the lighter weight classes. Her knockout percentage of 76% is nearly up there with Super Middleweight phenom, Laila Ali’s 87%. Other top pound for pound Women’s boxers struggle to near the 50% mark. Amanda’s knockout ability puts her in a class of her own.

Amanda Serrano The beginning of her journey

“The Real Deal” made her boxing debut March 20th, 2009, making it just shy of 9 years ago. She beat Jackie Trivilino by majority decision in a 4-round contest. In her following three bouts, she knocked out Brittany Cruz, Carolina Martinez de Moreta, and Christina Ruiz. Those bouts were held in May, June, and July of 2009, totaling 4 fights in 5 months to start her career. In the 5th fight of her debut year, November of 2009, Serrano fought to a split draw when she fought Ela Nunez in Atlantic City. This marked the first fight of a 4-fight rivalry between Serrano and Nunez.

Following the draw vs Ela Nunez, Amanda went on to win her next 3 fights in 2010.  In January of 2011, fight number 2 vs Ela Nunez took place. This time, Amanda left no doubts as she came out the clear victor on all 3 judges’ scorecards.

Just 3 months later in April of 2011, Serrano and Nunez would face off for a 3rd time. This bout marked Amanda Serrano’s debut under the New York based promotion firm, 360 boxing. Serrano came out firing in this fight, dominating the first three rounds and nearly getting the stoppage at the close of the 3rd. In round 4, Nunez had no answer for Serrano’s onslaught of punches, causing the ref to intervene and wave off the fight with 30 second left in the round. Serrano put a stamp on their 3-fight trilogy, handing Nunez the first knockout loss of her career.

The knockout over Nunez was followed by 4 more knockout wins between June of 2011 and November of 2011. Over the course of those 4 fights, Serrano picked up the vacant NABF Female Featherweight Title and the vacant IBF World Female Super Featherweight Title. Then, in February of 2012, Serrano would face off with Nunez for a 4th time.

This fight was one of the best fights of year, Serrano and Nunez went 8 hard rounds, in what was labeled a brawl worthy of comparison to Robinson vs Lamotta or Gatti vs Ward. As seen below, both fighters showed the markings of a brawl. Of course, Serrano got the better of the exchanges and coasted to a unanimous decision win, improving to 14-0-1.

Amanda Serrano vs Ela Nunez 4

A beast is Unleashed

Just two months after her 4th fight with Nunez, Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano competed in her 16th professional fight vs Frida Wallberg with the WBC World Female Super Featherweight Title on the line. Amanda traveled to the Cloetta Center in Linkoping, Sweden to fight Wallberg in her backyard. If you have not seen this fight, it’s a fight worth watching. It was an impressive showing by both women and is a great example of why Women’s boxing should have been main stream many years ago.

In this hard-fought battle between two of boxing’s best featherweight talents at the time, Amanda Serrano ended up losing via unanimous decision; 96-94, 97-93, and 98-92 in favor of Frida Wallberg. After the fight, Amanda was quoted as saying “I gave it my all” and “I know I landed some good shots in the fight and I’m not ashamed of my performance. Frida Wallberg is a great fighter and I take nothing away from her victory. I’m going to bounce back from this bump in the road and work my way back to the top. I want to thank all my fans who’ve been there for me and I promise I’ll be back.”

This was another impressive performance for Serrano, even in defeat. Even so, this loss lit a fire under her that has only grown larger with time. In her first taste of defeat, a beast was unleashed. Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano would go on to record knockouts in each of her next 9 fights. These fights took place between September of 2012 and February of 2015.

Along the way, Amanda beat Lina Tejada for the vacant UBF Inter-Continental Female Super Feather Title. She defeated Wanda Pena Ozuna for the UBF World Female Featherweight Title and the Women’s IBA World Feather Title. Then, last but not least, she scored a beautiful knockout over Maria Elena Maderna for the WBO World Female Lightweight Title. Serrano broke Maderna, after being the recipient of a vicious attack in round 6, Serrano sent Maderna to the canvas with a short right hook. As Maderna got back to her feet, she shook her head no to the ref, she had enough.

Just six fights after winning the WBO World Female Lightweight Title, in February of 2016, Serrano scored another TKO over Olivia Gerula to take home the WBO Female Featherweight Title. From this point, Serrano was only involved in high caliber fights.

Amanda Serrano, en-route to make history with her 5th Championship belt

After defeating Olivia Gerula, Amanda Serrano was on her way to making history in the sport of Women’s boxing. In April of 2016, she was involved in her first battle with then undefeated Hungarian boxer, Edina Kiss. Serrano won the fight via TKO, handing Kiss the first loss of her career.

In July of 2016, she defended her defended her WBO World Female Featherweight Title against Calixta Silgado in her first appearance inside the Barclay’s Center, in her hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Serrano fought on the undercard of a World Championship bout between Leo Santa Cruz and Carl Frampton, hosted by Showtime Championship boxing.  This historic event for Amanda Serrano, also marked the first time a female fighter defended her World Title inside the Barclay’s Center.

Of course, Amanda Serrano would go on to score a TKO win over Silgado and successfully retained her WBO World Female Featherweight Title.

In her very next bout, in October of 2016, “The Real Deal” had the opportunity to compete for her 4th World Championship title in her home land of Puerto Rico. At the Hotel Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Serrano fought Alexandra Lazar for the vacant WBO World Female Super Bantamweight Title. You guessed it, she scored another TKO victory and officially became a 4 weight World Champion.

3 months later, in January of 2017, she defended that newly acquired WBO World Super Bantamweight Title against Yazmin Rivas, again at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY. Although Rivas managed to survive the entire 10 rounds, she was completely dominated by the superior boxing skills of Amanda Serrano. “The Real Deal” wrapped up that championship defense with a unanimous decision win, 99-91, 98-92, and 97-93.

Amanda Serrano scores TKO win over Dahiana Santana to win 5th World Championship Title

April 22nd, 2017, Amanda Serrano scores TKO win over Dahiana Santana to win 5th World Championship Title

April 22nd, 2017, Amanda Serrano stepped foot into the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY for a third time in 9 months. This time, she was set to make history as she fought Dahiana Santana for the vacant WBO World Female Bantamweight Title. The experienced veteran, Dahiana Santana, was no match for the very aggressive Amanda Serrano. In typical Serrano fashion, she registered another TKO win, stopping Santana in the 8th round. This record breaking TKO marked the moment Amanda Serrano became a 5 weight World Champion.

After an already amazing career, Serrano became the first Woman in the sport to become a 5 division champ. Since then, she defended her WBO World Female Super Bantamweight Title in a second fight against Edina Kiss, and fought a 4th time at the Barclay’s Center in a non-title fight against Marilyn Hernandez. She won both fights by TKO.

This is just the begging for Amanda Serrano

There’s no doubt in my mind that Amanda Serrano is the current top pound for pound female boxer in the sport. She possesses unique knockout power, unmatched aggressiveness, and true championship level mental drive. On top of all this, her boxing skills are as elite as they come.

That said, after becoming one of the most accomplished fighters in the history of women’s boxing, she is now making her way into a completely different sport. April 13th of 2018, Amanda Serrano will compete in her first Mixed Martial Arts match under the Combate Americas promotional banner.

“The Real Deal” has every intention of reaching the pinnacle of Mixed Martial Arts. While MMA is a completely different animal than boxing and requires a bunch of different skillsets, championship athletes like Amanda Serrano survive in the sport. Some of the best female fighters in the sport of MMA were once championship level strikers, be it Muay-Thai, Kickboxing, or Boxing. Amanda Serrano is no different, if anything, she should be considered more dangerous than most.

Her knockout ability will only be enhanced with the smaller Mixed Martial Arts gloves. Do not expect her to change her aggressive ways when she steps in the cage. As far as grappling and wrestling goes, all I will say is, championship caliber athletes adapt.

Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano is set to further her legacy in 2018. Stay tuned and watch close.

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