Combat Legend Sponsored Fighters

Combat Legend Sponsored Fighters

Combat Legend Sponsored Fighters; Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano and Cindy “Checkmate” Serrano. Combat Legend is a proud fighter sponsor. We represent the fight game, both MMA and Boxing. Much more to come from Combat Legend.

Amanda Serrano Combat Legend Sponsored Fighter

Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano

The sensational Puerto Rican boxer, Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano, is the only women in boxing history to win world titles in five different divisions. She’s also the only Puerto Rican boxer to become a world champion in 5 weight classes. She’s one of the best pound for pound female boxer on the planet. Serrano is aggressive, tenacious, and a true knockout artist.

Amanda Serrano has a boxing record of 34-1-1 with her only defeat coming over 20 fights ago. She has also recorded 26 knockouts over her legendary career. If you search through the top 10 female boxers in the world, you won’t find another boxer anywhere near 26 knockouts. Depending on which top 10 you’re looking at, you will be hard pressed to even find two boxers, that combine for 26 knockouts. That’s a testament to Serrano’s knockout prowess.

“The Real Deal” is thorough bred fighter and deserves respect. In 2018, she’s taking her high level boxing credentials with her as she transitions into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Her debut is set for March 24th, 2018 in Los Angeles, California at Combate America’s much anticipated event, Combate Estrellas. Serrano’s fighting style and relentless work ethic, are just a couple of reasons, why many experts believe she’s one of the next big stars in Mixed Martial Arts.

Combat Legend is humbled to have Amanda Serrano on the Combat Legend team and we stand behind her as she prepares to make waves in MMA this year. Her fight is a month away, make sure to tune in to watch her compete. More details will be released on her opponent and how to watch the event in the coming weeks.

Cindy Serrano Combat Legend Sponsored Fighter

Cindy “Checkmate” Serrano

Cindy Serrano is the current reigning and defending WBO World Female Featherweight Champion. She holds a record of 27-5-3 which includes 10 knockouts. She’s coming fresh off a win in October of last year over Edina Kiss at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. She hasn’t lost a fight since April of 2012 and is set to make another title defense this year.

“Checkmate” is a tactician in the ring, she has a strong inside game, excellent defense, and is never scared to go toe to toe. Although her sister Amanda is known for her aggressive fighting style, Cindy in her own right, is capable of unloading an onslaught of punches and overwhelming her opponents. In addition, she’s a very slick and smart boxer.

The older Serrano Sister is approaching the 15 year mark in her boxing career. Unfortunately, women’s boxing was not given the exposure it deserved over the years so many female boxers, including Cindy, have not been given the credit they deserve. With Cindy coming fresh off a win hosted by Showtime, Dibella Entertainment, and Tom Brown Entertainment at the Barclay’s Center, expect Cindy to have a big year.

In addition, Cindy Serrano is also already training in Mixed Martial Arts, working on her grappling and kicking as we speak. Nothing is concrete but keep an eye out as the Savvy Brooklyn Boxer could make her way inside the cage, in the future. Her defensive prowess and slick style will translate well into MMA.

Combat Legend is grateful to Sponsor and team up with Cindy “Checkmate” Serrano. Stay tuned, as she’s set to make waves in boxing and possibly MMA this year.

Alice D'Agostino Banner

Alice “Blondie Power” D’Agostino

Alice D’Agostino is a tenacious Italian Professional K-1 Fighter representing the Lottatori Milano gym in Pessano Con Bornago. Born in Milan, “Blondie Power” is a true Italian fighter and has competed in Martial Arts since she was 7 years old.

D’Agostino won the WTKA Inter-regional K1 Championship in 2011 at 52kg. Then in 2017, she won Bronze at the Kickboxing World Cup in Budapest. She’s also notably the 2009 Chan Wu European Sanda Champion at 54kg. At only 32 years old, “Blondie Power” is just heating up.

Combat Legend is proud to represent Alice “Blondie Power” D’Agostino. Follow Alice on her Instagram, Alice_dagostino86, and keep up with the beautiful Italian Kickboxer as she travels, trains, competes, and looks to extend on her current win streak.

More Fighter announcements coming in the near future.